1. Good Morning.
    Good Afternoon.
    Good Night…

  2. JuicyFruit (at An Undisclosed Location)

  3. NY Harbor got that Light

  4. Coffee B.E.C. & Avacado like champion of Breakfast

  5. …Ur livin’ the Dream, Dude! (at Front Street)

  6. Solo-Brunchin’ in Solitude (at An Undisclosed Location)

  7. Make Sparks

  8. Dying in the English Kills

    The ferry boat John A. Noble brought a tear to my eye tonight. Tell your kids, tell your grandkids, THEY NAME FERRY BOATS AFTER ARTISTS, PHOTOGRAPHERS AND DEAD PRESIDENTS

  9. Stay off stairs ramps and landings until the Ferry has come to a complete stop in the terminal. Failure to do so may result in serious injury…

  10. Don’t wish me good luck…
    Tell me to break a leg