1. I woke up like this

  2. Ferry Flow
    Deluxe Edition (at Staten Island Ferry)

  3. Ferry Flow

  4. In Brooklyn (at Friends and Lovers)


    Near the corner of Bay Street & Victory Blvd @ 132 Central Ave

    Headed to the #EricGarner rally in #StatenIsland right now. I’m #takingastandsi for #justiceforericgarner against #policebrutality. This #peaceful protest is expecting a massive show of #support.

  6. Multi-face and Faceless can Raging together in Perfect harmony (at Fairleigh Dickinson University Madison Campus)

  7. Remain Calm (at Clove Lakes Park)

  8. Creepin’

  9. Scarface inspired Sunset

  10. Bon Voyage and GoddessSpeed ~ Nati!!

    My brilliant and wonderful friend @naticonrazon, Writer, Manage of @losrakas, community leader, founder of @IslaStaten, here… Packed and ready to experience Burning Man while working with the dope ~ inspiring Artist @Favianna1 Rodriguez. Find them on the Playa and send them some Love.

    #LocalisGlobal 🌎💞🌍💞🌏